Learn various authorization methods you need to use Gluwa API.

Gluwa has two types of authorizing a request:


  2. Authorization header

Depending on the request, you may have to use at least one of them or none at all. Look under Request -> Headers section under each endpoint to find out if an endpoint requires authorization.


X-REQUEST-SIGNATURE header is used to verify the ownership of an address, usually, for GET requests. The value of the header must be the signature of an address that you own. Follow the guide below to generate an Address Signature.

pageCreating Signatures

Then, you can generate the value of the header like below:

Base64Encode(<unix timestamp>.<Address Signature>)

So for example,

// Given 3 values below
unix timestamp = 1587674497
public address = 0x3E6d16c11497aD1A2F47a6594d995f1FaaE727d9
private key = 18cffe0cd4eb63809d0e55ed8dd1aa29e3ac660088e82f7a82977c458f334d8b

// Address Signature
Address Signature = 0x96322ca1b963c98e33fe1296b504d3c7adfcfd4e8473bf92f6ee24b560497d16390404a4f9f241d9efdd02cf1fea79d0ebf45d4aa2ef47a4c97fa06750e242301c

// Value of X-REQUEST-SIGNATURE header
X-REQUEST-SIGNATURE = Base64Encode("1587674497.0x96322ca1b963c98e33fe1296b504d3c7adfcfd4e8473bf92f6ee24b560497d16390404a4f9f241d9efdd02cf1fea79d0ebf45d4aa2ef47a4c97fa06750e242301c")

There are couple things to note:

  1. Make sure that unix timestamp is in seconds, NOT milliseconds.

  2. The generated X-REQUEST-SIGNATURE will be valid for 10 minutes. After that, any request made with the same header value will return 403 response.

API Keys and Secrets

Some endpoints use API keys and secrets to authorize the request. You can view and manage your API key and secrets in Gluwa Dashboard.

We use Basic access authentication scheme.

Token = Base64Encode("<api key>:<api secret>")
Authorization Header value = "Basic <Token>"

For example, you would use call an endpoint like below using curl.

Authenticated Request
$ curl \
  -H "Authorization: Basic {Token}"

Code Examples

// example key and secret
var key = 'abcd';
var secret = '1234';
var data = key + ':' + secret;

var encodedBytes = Buffer.from(data);

// this is Base64 Encoded API Keys
var encodedString = encodedBytes.toString('base64');

// you should get 'YWJjZDoxMjM0' from the example values

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