Create a New Gluwa Wallet

All you need is a smartphone to create Gluwa wallet.

Install Gluwa Mobile Application

Download and install Gluwa mobile application for either iOS or Android.

Enter a Password and Create a New Wallet

All you need to create a new wallet is a password. We recommend using a long password to enhance your security. Make sure to write the password down in a safe place. You will need to re-enter the password to open your wallet again or make transfers.

Remember, you need both your smartphone and the password to open the wallet.

When you request to create a new wallet, Gluwa mobile app creates a random set of a private key and public key, which is your new wallet. The wallet is stored safely in the secure vault of your smartphone guarded by your password.

Also, the password is encrypted irreversibly using a hashing algorithm and the unique key of your device. Therefore, you need both your device and your password to access your wallet.

Backup the Recovery Phrase

Right after creating a new wallet, Gluwa shows a recovery phrase of your wallet. If you either lose your device or the password, you can retrieve your wallet by submitting the recovery phrase. Nobody without the recovery phrase can recover your wallet for you.

Make sure to backup your recovery phrase. You can submit the recovery phrase to restore the wallet. This is the ONLY way to restore your wallet if you lose access to your wallet for some reason (e.g., forgetting your password or your smartphone malfunctioning). It is impossible for Gluwa or anyone to restore the wallet for you.

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