Gluwa API Change Log

All release notes pertaining to Gluwa API and Dashboard

05-16-2022 - Version 2022.05.01


  • Launched ETH token support (getbalance/payment/transfer)

  • Launched USDC token support (getbalance/payment/transfer)

  • Launched USDT token support (getbalance/payment/transfer)

  • Launched CTC token support (payments/transfers)

  • Lottery Account fixes

  • Fixed amount and fee display for exchange transactions

  • Fixed currency amount and added pagination for push notifications

  • Updated transaction history for Invest

  • Added error handling for BrokenCircuitException where Polly HttpClients are used

  • Improved an error handling of "No minimumBlockchainFee"

03-21-2022 - Version 2022.03.02


  • Fixed amount and fee for exchange transactions

03-21-2022 - Version 2022.03.01


  • Added pagination and fixed negative values + currency amount for push notifications

  • Updated maturity date and deposits + withdrawals in transaction history

  • Improved an error handling of "No minimumBlockchainFee"

02-16-2022 - Version 2022.02


  • Launched new Transaction History API endpoint for V7 app redesign

  • Launched API endpoint that displays rate/fee amount per token

  • Launched API endpoint to return current price in USD

  • Launched PushNotificationHistory endpoint supporting 'All' currencies

  • Updated QR code to include payload in the response

  • Updated 429 (Over limit) responses

01-19-2022 - Version 2022-01


  • Unified ECurrency used by Gluwa API and MarketMaker

  • Improved handling of Luniverse and Infura 429 (Over limit) responses

  • Added alerts for the addresses monitored

  • Added GCRE (CTC ERC-20 Token) support on QR Code endpoint

API - Dashboard

  • Updated password policy

12-06-2021 - Version 2021.12


  • Updated CircuitBreaker policy on RPC clients

  • Fixed some minor code smells

API - Dashboard

  • Updated password policy

10-13-2021 - Version 2021.10-1

API - Gluwa Invest

  • Fixed Bond Account deposits showing in push notifications


  • Launched peg/unpeg (USDC-G <> sUSDC-G)

  • Launched USDC-G support

  • Updated Peg/Unpeg daily limit and minimum amount

  • Fixed API signature format

  • Implemented send fee of 0.1% for sUSDC-G

  • Replaced GasNow by Etherscan Gas Tracker

  • Replaced ETHless Mint in API by user self-service Mint

  • Updated GetBalance endpoint

  • Added API endpoint for returning all token balances

  • Added Gluwa API localization for Push Notifications

09-04-2021 - Version 2021.09.1

API - Gluwa Invest

  • Added API endpoints to support Gluwa Invest Bond Account functionality

  • Added OTP endpoints for Terms and Conditions Onboarding

  • Added user agreement endpoints to manage user data and documents for account sign-up

  • Updated and expanded the Account Setup checklist endpoint

  • Added Bond Account smart contract support

  • Added sUSDC-G deposit endpoint functionality

  • Updated push notifications for Veriff sessions

  • Fixed several InternalServerError issues

  • Fixed some UI flow issues including Verification Failed for iOS devices and Log In navigation issues


  • Added API to convert USDC to USDC-G

  • Refactored code for peg/unpeg

  • Fixed peg endpoint nonce format

  • Fixed peg notifications

  • Updated queue client factory in the retry function

  • Fixed wrong hashes passed when calling processUnpeg

  • Added support for longer nonce in Gluwa API

  • Fixed validating transaction hash before attempting to process

  • Fixed peg notifications

  • Fixed error in Internal transaction controller for BTC transactions

08-30-2021 - Version 2021.08.2


  • Fixed transfers on successful peg

08-12-2021 - Version 2021.08.1


  • Fixed Webhookreceiver Signature endpoint

  • Enhanced Cloudflare IP Address logging

  • Fixed USDC-G transaction signature validation

  • Removed unused OTP validation from SNGNG and PegUnpeg

  • Added Balance Check before processing the transaction

07-28-2021 - Version 2021.07.1


  • Fixed secure flag set on all cookies for tools and dashboard


  • Updates SDKs in accordance with contracts so that updates are aligned

  • Implemented Web3ClientFactory and improved RetryQueue and API to handle an increased load in TPS

  • Installed USDC-G support

  • Updated Peg/Unpeg for USDC-G and sUSDC-G gateway

  • Installed Peg/Unpeg related features and updates for the Gluwa Internal API, Gluwa public API and interaction endpoints with the Luniverse Gatekeeper

  • Fixed GetBalance API to get correct address and balance

  • Added additional logging/metrics for GluwaExchangeRequests



  • Updated jQuery to latest version

  • Fixed (export) transaction bugs


  • Included HTTP request/response in the logs

  • Launched toggle App Settings for currency releases

  • Updated gas price calculation



  • Updated the Transaction History and Details pages with additional information and options


  • Updated QR code generation endpoint

  • Updated Webhook responses to V2 (Opt-in update for Dashboard coming in the near future)



  • Performance improvements

  • Backend bug-fixes and enhancements

  • Transaction signature validation improvements



  • Added additional logging to API backend

  • Improved Bitcoin unspent output handling in exchange API

  • Misc bugfixes


  • Added ability to export transaction history to a comma-separated values (.CSV) file

  • Added additional transaction filtering options (Date, Amount, Order ID)

  • Improved transaction history filtering Misc bugfixes

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