Use webhooks to be notified about events that happen in a Gluwa account.

You can receive a webhook notification from Gluwa when there is a transaction associated with your account. Note that Gluwa only notifies you if the transaction was created by Gluwa API.

To integrate Gluwa webhook to your service you need to:

  1. Create a webhook endpoint and on your server

  2. Register your webhook endpoint

  3. Verify your address

Step 1: Create a Webhook Endpoint

Create an endpoint that would accept the webhook requests and process them according to your business logic.

Webhook is sent as a POST request to the URL you will register in Step 2. The webhook may or may not have a request body depending on the type of the event. For example, transaction confirmed event will have the following request body.

Example Webhook Notification
"Data": {
"EventType": "TransactionConfirmed",
"Type": "Webhook",
"ResourceID": "{ID of the resource. In this case, this will be transaction hash}",
"MerchantOrderID": "{Merchant OrderID if you specified MerchantOrderID field when generating QR code}"
"Amount": "{Amount received}"

Checking the veracity of a request using X-REQUEST-SIGNATURE

To verify that the webhook is actually sent by Gluwa, you must check the validity ofX-REQUEST-SIGNATURE header. This involves generating X-REQUEST-SIGNATURE value on your own server and comparing it against the value of the X-REQUEST-SIGNATURE header sent with the webhook.


  1. Get your webhook secret from the Gluwa Dashboard Webhooks page

  2. Get the request body you received

  3. Run the following formula:

Generating X-REQUEST-SIGNATURE for a Webhook
Base64UrlSafeEncode(HMACSha256({request body in JSON string}, {webhook secret}))

The request body JSON string must be in minified format, meaning no spaces and line breaks between JSON keys and values.

Compare the resulting value with the X-REQUEST-SIGNATURE header from the webhook. If identical, you have successfully verified the signature.

Step 2: Register your webhook endpoint

The webhook will be sent to URLs that are registered through Gluwa Dashboard. Visit the page below to learn how to register your webhook endpoint.

You may use online webhook testing tools such as Webhook.site to test the webhook.

Step 3: Whitelist your wallet address

You will receive webhooks only for the events involving whitelisted wallet addresses. Visit the page below to learn how to whitelist your wallet address.

Supported Webhook Events

Currently, we support webhooks for the following events:

  1. Transaction Confirmed

  2. Transaction Created

  3. Transaction Failed