Use Sandbox to test your integration before going live

Gluwa is supported in two environments: sandbox and live. Use the sandbox environment for testing purposes, then move to the live environment for production processing. The sandbox environment is a clone of the live environment and connected to a different URL. Also, the sandbox environment uses Rinkeby, a test Ethereum network, instead of the live Ethereum network. Thus, Gluwa provides Gluwacoin faucet, fake money, in the sandbox environment which you can use to test your integration. When testing, use the sandbox credentials and URL. When you are ready to go live, use the live credentials and URL.

Sandbox Environment URL’s

Production Environment URL’s

Note that you should use Gluwa mobile app in a sandbox mode when you are testing in the sandbox environment. On the Gluwa app, navigate to `Menu > Turn sandbox on` to activate the sandbox mode. You can deactivate the sandbox mode by navigating to `Menu > Turn sandbox off`.