Use Sandbox to test your integration before going live
Gluwa is supported in two environments: sandbox and production. As a general rule, use the sandbox environment for testing purposes, then move to the live environment for production processing.

The sandbox environment is a clone of the production environment. It is connected to Goerli, a test Ethereum network, for Gluwacoin and Testnet3 for Bitcoin.
Gluwa provides Faucets in the Sandbox Dashboard for you to deposit test coins into your Ethereum or Bitcoin address in the sandbox environment. You can use the test coins to test your integration.

Note that you should use Gluwa mobile app in a sandbox mode when you are testing in the sandbox environment. On the Gluwa app, navigate to `Menu > Turn sandbox on` to activate the sandbox mode. You can deactivate the sandbox mode by navigating to `Menu > Turn sandbox off`.
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