Payment QR Codes

Explore ways to integrate Gluwa QR code payments in your website or mobile app.

Collecting payments on Gluwa consists of creating a payment QR code and receiving payment webhook notifications. Gluwa users can scan the QR code with the Gluwa mobile application to make the payment. You can optionally sign up for a webhook notification to get notified when you receive payments.

This guide shows you how to include Gluwa QR codes on your checkout pages.

Creating Payment QR Codes

To create a new QR code, submit an API request to the Create Payment QR Code endpoint with the API key and secret.

You will need to generate a new QR code each time you need to receive a payment from a user.

QR Code Example

After successfully submitting your API request, you will get a QR code image file as such:

Payment QR Code Example

Display Payment QR Code

Now, display the QR code to your customers and ask for a payment. They can simply scan the QR code to make the payment.